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Potash: Potassium sulfate "feast" or "leftovers"

    Recently, the potassium sulfate to a single gesture, exclusive fertilizer market coquettish, in a public quiet, only the emergence of potassium sulfate step by step trend. Autumn market this year, the beginning of the better, compound fertilizer manufacturers generally said that after the introduction of the fall policy, the situation is still in advance, the factory stock of raw materials sufficient to add enough horsepower to start production of autumn fat.

    However, this year's environmental inspection is very strict, since the beginning of August, after the East China, Southwest and other regions are environmentally friendly group in, and in the implementation of the environmental protection group is more difficult, most manufacturers have been greatly affected. Potassium chloride production in the northwest region, as well as port import areas, so the supply side has not yet a greater impact, and the downstream plant has been prepared for the early, the purchase of potassium chloride is not active. But the potassium sulfate market under the pressure of environmental protection, start dips, and gradually formed a thriving situation of potassium sulfate.

    Potassium sulfate market from the northwest large-scale resource-based production enterprises point of view, because of its own in the summer of August 2008 is the traditional summer season, the installation of a comprehensive overhaul; and Qinghai water and salt system potassium sulfate enterprises in the early price of potassium sulfate and other factors Contain the next, the start is always inadequate, basically maintained at 2-3 into the left. Coupled with the recent South China Tobacco Fertilizer Potassium Sulfate has been opened, Qinghai manufacturers began to prepare the amount of tobacco fertilizer, so the market available for limited sales.

    In addition to the northwestern region, most of the Mannheim Potassium Sulfate plants are located in Shandong, Hebei and central China, and these areas are also the most important environmental inspection. After August, Mannheim manufacturers operating rate dropped sharply, Shandong, Hebei and other places manufacturers operating rate is only about 3-4 percent, while the national Mannheim's operating rate even less than 5 percent. Supply of tight supply, by-product hydrochloric acid is difficult to consume, prompting the potassium sulfate market step by step, as of now, Mannheim Potassium sulfate prices have risen 100 yuan / ton, or even higher prices of granular potassium sulfate. Part of the situation is difficult to find a situation, so that the industry called the market for the feast of potassium sulfate.

    However, the "feast" or "leftovers", it is difficult to estimate, it is learned that the environmental protection group will be evacuated around 2-10, if the by-product hydrochloric acid is still upside down in the 200-300 yuan / ton, the cost of the surface Manufacturers start, but if the manufacturers continue to supply tension, do not rule out the possibility of environmental inspection after the start of the increase. Potassium sulfate prices can continue to rise in the short term is still good support for the potassium sulfate market, but in the long run, if the recovery of potassium sulfate, do not rule out the possibility of supply and demand change.