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China Taiwan to develop water - based environmentally friendly nano - hydrophobic anti - fouling coa

    At this point the snow-capped mountains tunnel, there is a lane closed up, a few tired figure, is staring at the closed lane, grasp the car tide before the emergence of a few hours to grab the time construction.

    They are China Taiwan ITRI water-based environmental nano-hydrophobic anti-fouling paint research and development team, in the night Lanna quiet, light traffic time, wash the tunnel wall of the oil, and then paint the team developed a special coating, so that the snow-capped mountains tunnel wall is not easy Attached to the dirty, and cleaning efficiency of a full 2.5 times faster.

    The snow-cavern tunnel (formerly Pinglin Tunnel), which is the longest road tunnel in Taiwan, is between Taiwan's Pinglin Township and Yilan County town. The snow-capped mountains tunnel is divided into guide pit, main pit westbound and main pit Eastbound three tunnels, and six ventilation shafts. The total length of the tunnel is 12.9 km. In June 2006 when the world was ranked 5th, Asia 1.

    ITRI Institute of Material Research Su Yizhe recalled, along the way, the team test the effectiveness of hydrophobic anti-fouling paint process, can be said to encounter a variety of difficulties.

    For example, in order to actually test the paint in the snow-capped mountains tunnel anti-fouling effect, we can only insist on Xing Zhong sleep when the "night watchman", in front of a few hours early morning closed lane, whitewashed walls.

    Everyone has wore the sea breeze, in the four seasons rainy Suao test paint waterproofing effect, but spent a lot of effort to overcome the weather wet, resulting in difficult to dry the paint unexpected situation.

    During this period to continue to overcome the difficulties of field applications, attracting won the "Royal Building Association," the international awards of the Kaohsiung Qing Fu shipbuilding headquarters building, come to the office to find help.

    This building is on the Taiwan Strait, a beautiful ten-story steel structure, because the designer requires a beautiful, energy-saving, both in the floor and the building between the aluminum horizontal grid, although the glass window and steel Staggered more light, but also cause great cleaning difficulties.

    At this time environmentally friendly nano-hydrophobic anti-fouling paint team to join, so that even if the glass curtain has not been cleaned for several years, still competent to play South Taiwan's shining facade role.

    And this technology has also been used to maintain the earlier iron, high-speed rail cars, windows clean.

    Su Yizhe description, the traditional environmental water-based paint, because the structure and film-forming mechanism of the restrictions, there are still anti-fouling, wear resistance and weather resistance and so on defects, it is only applicable to the indoor environment.

    And the ITRI in the Ministry of Economic Technology Department of science and technology projects to support the development of water-based environmental nano-hydrophobic anti-fouling coatings, through the nano-microstructure control, hydrophobic oleophane interface modification and mixing and other technologies into the room temperature Can be dry, can be directly coated in glass, ceramics, wood, water-based paint surface, especially for outdoor environments.

    He said that ITRI's water-based environmentally friendly nano-hydrophobic and anti-fouling coatings have the potential to withstand outdoor climate change, so that buildings with waterproof, dust-proof function and other effects, even by wind and rain, waterproof, anti-fouling effect can be maintained 3 to 5 years old.

    It is noteworthy that this technology has also entered the international market, with the United States the largest DIY water-based paint manufacturers to develop, into its existing water-based paint products, and successfully made this year, the US patent.

    Water-based environmentally friendly nano-hydrophobic coating compared with the traditional water-based paint, dust can increase 8 to 20 times, which can meet the anti-fouling, hydrophobic, high then, wear-resistant demand.

    This coating can not only be used in building materials, glass, bathroom, 3D printing shoes hydrophobic and waterproof anti-fouling can also be used in the future also hope to further use in yachts and shipbuilding, providing long-term, stable anti-fouling effect.