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Guangdong Zhanjiang to promote the East China Sea petrochemical industrial park construction

    Recently, Zhanjiang Municipal Committee, the mayor Jiang Jianjun and vice president of Sinopec Corp., director of the cause of the chemical industry Chang Zhenyong, China Branch (Guangdong) Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. General Manager Wu Xiwei and his party to discuss the two sides to further Expand cooperation areas, and jointly promote the East China Sea petrochemical industrial park construction, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win exchanges.

    It is reported that Zhanjiang City, East Island Petrochemical Industrial Park in the Branch of the integration of refining and chemical projects as the core, take full advantage of the joint venture in Guangdong Branch of the integration project, , Production, processing, transportation as one of the professional, safe, advanced world-class petrochemical industrial park, Zhanjiang to create an important economic growth pole. Up to now, a total of more than 10 projects have been parked and planned to be completed, with a total investment of over 20 billion yuan. At present, the park infrastructure construction is progressing in an orderly manner.

    Jiang Jianjun welcomed Chang Zhenyong and his party, and briefly introduced the economic and social development of Zhanjiang. He said that at present Zhanjiang ushered in a golden opportunity for development, the state Zhanjiang positioning as "one way all the way" strategic fulcrum and the northern city of the city center of the city, the provincial government also attaches great importance to the development of Zhanjiang and support, "thirteen five "Zhanjiang during the layout of a number of major transport infrastructure projects, Zhanjiang ready to go, has become a hot spot for investment and entrepreneurship. Sinopec in the Section of refining projects settled in Zhanjiang, very strategic vision, the provincial government attaches great importance to petrochemical projects, the current construction of the petrochemical projects in full swing, Zhanjiang municipal government clutching Donghai Island Petrochemical Industrial Park development investment work, Sinopec in Zhanjiang layout at the right time. Hope Sinopec actively plan, support, help to promote the development of Donghai Petrochemical Industrial Park, product sales and other areas to cooperate. Zhanjiang City government departments at all levels will come up with the greatest sincerity support, and actively do a good job, to speed up the petrochemical park supporting infrastructure construction, common investment, more world-class chemical enterprises to introduce, build a world-class petrochemical park.

    Chang Zhenyong said that in recent years, Zhanjiang development changes are very large, obvious advantages, the development of space and great potential. "Thirteen five" period, Sinopec in the country within the layout of the four bases, Mao Zhan base is the first layout is the most successful, the fastest construction, in the refining project in Zhanjiang construction is very fast, very I would like to thank Zhanjiang municipal government for a long time on the development of Sinopec and Zhongcheng Lianhua project support. Hope Zhanjiang to further improve the overall planning, to promote the Zhongcheng Petrochemical Project and Petrochemical Industry Park to accelerate development. Sinopec will also actively contribute to local economic and social development, cooperation to build the East Island Petrochemical Industrial Park, to promote the downstream industry chain in the petrochemical industry in the East Island to further stretch and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

    Wu Xiwei Zhanjiang municipal government on the long-term attention to support expressed gratitude. He said that the current refining project in the progress of the smooth, good news. Hope Zhanjiang further clear investment policies, accelerate the industrial park "three links and one leveling" work, improve the infrastructure construction and other supporting facilities, to achieve "nest", to accelerate the simultaneous development of downstream industries.

    Maoming Petrochemical Company General Manager Yin Zhaolin, China Petrochemical Chemical Sales South China Branch General Manager Zhou Chang, Deputy General Manager Zhao Qichao, Zhanjiang Dongxing Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Wu Chaohan, China Branch (Guangdong) Refining and Processing Co., Vice Mayor Cui Qing to participate in the discussion.