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What? The The Forgotten "blue star" has action?

    Recently, the information on the poly-formaldehyde and clues less sad people to marvel. However, this month (August), one was missing in July, "big news" silently fermentation, the incident itself is concerned about the same time, more practitioners show the future of China's POM industry uncertainty The

    The incident occurred on the 24th of last month, Xinjiang Qitai County Deputy Secretary, on behalf of the county long Zhang Feng rate of investment delegation to the "China Blue Star (Group) Co., Ltd." a wholly owned subsidiary of "Nantong Star Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd." To visit. The delegation introduced the polyoxymethylene project in Qitai County with sufficient raw material market, low cost of electricity transportation, gathering of chemical industry cluster and policy support. At the meeting, the two sides on the project construction how to adjust the best investment program and the introduction of third-party partners in-depth discussion. Through the exchange and discussion, Nantong Star Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, General Manager Pang Xiaolin said that the Government and the Blue Star Group's joint efforts, as soon as possible in accordance with the "government + technology + investors" tripartite cooperation model or further adjust the group investment program, Promote POM project has been substantial progress.

    At present, China's domestic poly-formaldehyde plant capacity (including waste production capacity) a total of 430,000 tons / year (details of the table below), Shanghai Blue Star 60,000 tons / year POM device as early as 2015 has entered the shut down the sluggish state until In July that year, announced the parking, in the end of 2016 to 2017 during the current period, the market for its device to restart the operation of more speculation, but today, its manufacturers have not yet revealed any information about their device recovery.

    And review the reasons why the reason for the closure of the Blue Star, can be roughly summarized one or two. First, the quality of foreign-funded enterprises and Blue Star POM product quality can be basically flat, but foreign-funded enterprises rely on a strong brand and marketing network, the overall sales in the country is better, the higher the rate of investment; Polyoxymethylene enterprises currently produce products mainly in the low-end products, Blue Star POM Although the product quality in a leading position, but its geographical location limitations, resulting in its energy costs, environmental costs, labor costs and domestic sky , Shenhua, Longyu three main POM production enterprises price gap, the three companies lower market prices, a serious impact on the Blue Star POM market demand choice.

    Therefore, the cost savings is to save the blue star poly formaldehyde fatal medicine. And in the future if it wants to better competition, in improving product quality, instead of domestic imports at the same time, we must strive from raw materials (methanol), energy consumption, labor costs and other direction to reduce its production costs. Fortunately, through the study of the calculation, 60,000 tons of POM production projects settled in Qitai County, compared with other regions each year to reduce the cost of raw materials nearly 300 million yuan, which is undoubtedly a blue star polyoxin a tonic.

    In addition, the success of the Blue Star POM project landing, will also pull Qitai 1.8 million tons of methanol production line, 100,000 tons of BDO production line and PBT (engineering plastics) production line construction progress, and further elongated to do odd Taiwan Coal Coal Chemical Industrial chain, it seems that this time the Blue Star's "big move" is really boosting the Chinese POM industry, rather than the impact. However, from the global market, China's low-end polyoxymethylene products will occupy the international market for a long time, so improve the product at the same time, can not give up the low-end market, China's excess production of polyoxymethylene will eventually be an indisputable fact.