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Hazardous Chemicals Enterprise Typhoon Response Measures

    Te center of typhoon No. 13 this year (August 23) is approaching the coast of the Pearl River Delta, which will bring clear storms.

    August 21 evening, District Security Bureau in the district received three anti-Office, Meteorological Bureau of the relevant information, the first time to start anti-typhoon emergency plan. Through the internal workgroup, work message, the typhoon information to each staff to make full use of Daya Bay security WeChat platform, business letter, QQ work group, a business file information platform and other channels, require enterprises to do wind , Flood control production, emergency duty and emergency preparedness work, and earnestly to the key industrial and trade enterprises, petrochemical area 28 dangerous chemicals enterprises and three non-coal mine enterprises issued a comprehensive typhoon warning. And through a business platform to the industry and trade safety and security of the main person in charge of security and management personnel to send text messages about 800; through WeChat and QQ and other network platform to send information to the enterprise about 400; by telephone investigation petrochemical area 28 dangerous chemicals enterprises to prevent typhoon situation; through the enterprise letter to the members of the Security Committee to send early warning information 68.

    August 22 morning, the district security bureau of the typhoon of the work group according to their duties, in-depth supervision of the enterprise line, to guide the wind, flood control work, as of 17:00 17:00, I Tonghui with third parties to assist the regulatory experts, Inspection staff of 85 people, more than 20 vehicles trips, the state of the state, Li Changrong, reputation and other eight dangerous chemicals companies, as well as BYD, far Teng Industrial and other 15 industrial and mining business enterprises conducted on-site inspection, ordered the rectification of more than 30 items , The focus requires enterprises to mobile devices to be fixed, and timely stop high altitude and loading and unloading operations. At the same time, arrange a special working group, to Hong Kong to help the port area of wind and flood prevention work, do a good job during the typhoon enterprise security defense work. For the petrochemical area of this key industries and areas, how to do a good job during the typhoon security work:

    Flood control against typhoons

    Smooth drainage facilities is an important way to prevent the occurrence of floods, petrochemical enterprises to do rain and no water, rain can drain, floods have plans, in case of floods, according to the plan in an orderly manner to arrange production or emergency parking. Do the following:

    1, regularly check the dredging plant and installation area of the sewer system, rainwater drainage system, flood discharge facilities, culverts, drainage, etc., for the smooth to clean up to meet the bottom of the standard, and together, cover the ground cover Board, guardrail to be intact.

    2, the storm prone areas of the seawall, flood control walls, dams, flood control doors, terminal facilities, drainage pumping stations, high voltage wires to be checked, if necessary, to strengthen.

    3, equipment, such as insulation layer insulation layer to tighten without cracking, all kinds of warning signs to be stable.

    4, underground and semi-underground facilities, the production of key parts, key equipment, water supply, power supply projects and various materials warehouse doors and windows to be heightened or reinforced.

    5, to prevent rainwater into the sewage treatment system measures, timely processing plant and the device area low-lying water, to ensure that the sewage pump and spare pump intact, to avoid environmental pollution accidents.

    6, is the construction site, do a good job flood prevention and typhoon inspection, civil construction and other measures to prevent landslides.

    7, the port and ancillary equipment, facilities, wind, shelter situation for regular checks.

    8, the production, use, storage of dangerous chemicals and warehouses in the flood season or floods should pay attention to rain, water, moisture.

    9, with the necessary shovels, woven bags, drainage pumps, flood control sand, communications equipment and other emergency tools and items, to strengthen management, responsibility to people, emergency relief supplies and emergency alarm system management to conduct regular checks, according to Need to promptly add the necessary relief supplies.

   10, conscientiously organize flood control, wind and disaster relief exercises, do a good job publicity and education, so that each staff clearly flood control, wind and disaster prevention and the significance of the flood control, wind and disaster prevention work in the responsibility and obligations.

   11, according to the weather station issued by the weather forecast or early warning, prepared flood control in advance, personnel and materials to be in place, if necessary, start contingency plans.

    How does the gas station stand before and after the storm?

    1, to strengthen the gas station site drainage system inspection, cleaning and dredging. For the tank area of water, poor drainage, tank water level observation wells to be equipped with pumping pump, timely drainage.

    2, to strengthen the local flood control command, reservoir management departments, pay close attention to weather warning information and flood. Touch the area vulnerable to floods and floods affected by the situation under the jurisdiction of the gas station, so be aware of. Increase inspection and investigation of hidden trouble, ahead of time to do business, power outages, transfer of oil and equipment of the emergency preparedness. Advance the tank of oil to be transferred, clear tank emptying, and the tank filled with water sealed, to prevent oil tank from floating, damage to equipment and pull off the pipeline.

    3, for the timely transfer of oil to the gas station to suspend business. Timely inspection of the staff to check the oil tank unloading port, operating wells, the amount of oil port and the pipeline flange connection, focusing on inspection of the inlet and outlet ports, the amount of oil seal state, the amount of oil port, inlet and outlet to take a sealed seal So safe and reliable way to prevent oil tank into the water.

    4, for the particularly low-lying gas stations, in addition to doing the above seal inspection and dressing, but also to remove the tank breathing tube breathable cap, and the use of blinds to breathe the mouth to prevent the tank when the breathing tube was flooded, the water From the mouth of the mouth into the tank caused by oil spill.

    5, according to the flood station submerged situation and changes in water conditions, the gas station to take power, removal of power distribution equipment, power generation equipment, tanker main components, computer motherboards and other measures, at the same time, ahead of the transfer station expensive equipment and items Work to prevent the loss of disaster.

    6, to the adjacent rivers and lakes, low-lying, close to the mountains of the gas station to give high priority to the flood control of the front-line gas stations, key gas stations in time to provide emergency supplies security, the end of the rivers and lakes of the gas station to be equipped with flood control , Do a good job on the water blocking, delay or stop the gas station for the rescue, to win the time to rescue. On the immediate vicinity of the mountain gas station tank station and station, to the state of the mountain at any time to observe and found dangerous to evacuate staff in time.

    7, gas station danger, the need to arrange staff 24 hours on duty, monitoring, tank area into and out of the port, the amount of oil, operating wells and other places to lock prevention and control. Strengthen night inspections of equipment and observation of water regime. In the emergency rescue, we should fully consider and select good personnel evacuation routes and channels to ensure that the gas station staff and rescue personnel personal safety. To keep the frontline staff to provide logistical support, timely life supplies, life jackets and rain gear, etc. in place.

    8, after the flood, to carefully check the gas station around the farmland, ditch, urban drainage pipes and other oil and water exist, to prevent post-disaster environmental pollution and other secondary accidents. Pay close attention to the process of water, to prevent the gas station around the retaining wall, collapse of the river bank and landslide damage and loss, take timely and effective measures to prevent secondary environmental accidents and other accidents.

    9, the deployment of the resumption of business preparation. Do a good job of power distribution equipment, oil tank equipment, information equipment, tankers, pipelines and other equipment, meticulous inspection, to develop anti-leakage, anti-run oil, oil quality and other measures. Strict inspection of the distribution system, the integrity of the generator equipment, tanks and pipelines are displaced, deformation, information equipment and monitoring equipment is damaged, to ensure the resumption of business receipts in good condition. The water level of all the tanks to measure, if necessary, the tank drainage, the tank of oil through the fuel gun to extract oil samples, oil samples visual inspection, if necessary, through the inspection of oil quality standards can only allow sales The