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Printing and dyeing gathered in the first three enterprises in September trial production

    Recently, on the promotion of printing and dyeing gathered three projects put into operation and supporting projects in the coastal industrial area (saddle town), the reporter learned that the overall construction of the project to promote smooth, one of the fastest progress "Ellis Dyeing and finishing "will begin trial production after 2 months.

    It is understood that the printing and dyeing gathered three projects for the integration of 63 enterprises gathered for 17 projects, the total resettlement area of 1695.2 acres, the sewage index 178548.6 tons / day. Among them, "Ellis" equipment is being installed, "Yue new", "Dachang De" and other two projects part of the main building end, "Tong Sheng" and other 11 project plant construction, "Zizhumei" project piling, "Yi men" "Jing Rui" and other two projects in the pre-procedures for processing. The total planned investment of the project is more than RMB 11 billion, and the accumulated investment of 2.51 billion yuan will be completed by the end of June.

    According to the plan, the first company "Ellis" will be on September 28 trial production. At the end of June, "the new" "big new" "Dachang" and other two projects part of the main plant end, the end of August, "Tong Sheng" "constant morning" "Chuangyu" "new benefits" "Brilliance" and other five projects part of the main building , To ensure that the end of the eighth project part of the workshop trial production, and strive to eventually reach 10 projects.

    17 projects supporting the current progress of the project? The project supporting the heating, water supply, power supply and other infrastructure construction is in an orderly manner to ensure that each project put into operation when the service security, coastal printing and dyeing gathered three projects run again The "acceleration".

    According to reports, the printing and dyeing industry cluster is a blue-Indian fashion town construction of key projects, in order to maintain quality and quantity to promote the printing and dyeing industry cluster and blueprint fashion town construction, coastal industrial area (saddle town) multi-channel to take measures and in-depth enterprise field Understand the project to promote the situation, solve problems for the enterprise.

    "Among them, the project construction problems, in particular, need to coordinate the parties to resolve, and coordination will be one of the effective measures." According to the coastal industrial area (saddle town) the person in charge, for enterprises in the project to promote the encounter Of the problems, through the coordination of the meeting can be resolved, the scene to implement, and establish a list of responsibilities; can not be on-site reply, then sort out the report. At the same time, in the project to promote, but also to further optimize the service, simplifying the procedures to improve the efficiency of the work, supporting facilities construction units through active docking, speed up, to ensure the completion of the project ahead of schedule.

    According to Keqiao printing and dyeing industry, "green high-end, the world's leading" development goals, the meeting requires the relevant units of the project trial production and comprehensive acceptance process must be strictly checked, while the project in the construction and equipment selection process, Not a flat relocation, we must resolutely eliminate backward production capacity, to ensure that the cluster project to upgrade the file. In addition, for the arrival of high temperature weather, the meeting on the safety of construction and other content to deploy.