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PPG plans to build the world's largest paint production base in China or over 5 billion yuan

    Recently, foreign-funded enterprises have been attracted by the broad prospects of China's consumer market and flocked, despite China's macroeconomic slowdown, is still very optimistic about the Chinese market. In particular, some foreign companies have been rooted in China for many years to continue to invest in factories, or in the original factory on the basis of the expansion; the same time, they also changed the traditional Chinese paint industry production model, adding a bit to the Chinese paint market boom vitality.

    Reporters noted that Nippon, Akzo Nobel, PPG, BASF, Xuanwei, Aishi, KCC and other well-known foreign companies have recently invested in China to expand production capacity. Among them, PPG ambitions in China is no less than Nippon, and plans to build PPG in China, the world's largest paint production base.

    During the recent "Suzhou Manufacturing Forum" and the Suzhou Municipal Government luncheon, Yan Guiming, General Manager of Enterprise and Government Affairs Department of PPG Asia Pacific, introduced the "Phase III expansion" project of PPG Coatings (Zhangjiagang) Opinions and Suggestions of Vice Mayors of Suzhou City.

    It is understood that 25 acres of expansion projects will include packaging coatings, automotive OEM equipment (OEM) coatings, industrial coatings and automotive repair coating production facilities, the expansion will make Zhangjiagang PPG the world's largest paint manufacturing base.

   Reporters noted that PPG paint (Zhangjiagang) with an annual output of 145,000 tons of high-performance coatings and 5,000 tons of PVC sealant project in the recent public announcement. It is understood that the total investment of 75 million US dollars (RMB 560 million yuan), the project is divided into two phases of construction, a production of 45,000 tons of high-performance coatings and 5,000 tons of PVC sealant, two production of 100,000 tons of high-performance coatings The

    Reporters also noted that PPG paint (Zhangjiagang) recently also announced another annual output of 68,000 tons of high-performance paint project. For these two expansion projects, the reporter has not yet learned whether to coincide.

    It is understood that PPG paint (Zhangjiagang) with an annual output of 68,000 tons of high-performance paint project for the expansion project, a total investment of 33 million US dollars. The project construction of high-performance paint production line, the main production varnish, curing agent, thinner and other products.

    PPG said that high-performance coatings refers to the performance of all aspects of the coating or some specific performance is relatively high, compared with the traditional paint, with good environmental performance, high temperature, corrosion resistance and so on. With the social progress and development, people's performance requirements of paint is getting higher and higher, the demand for high-performance coatings is increasing. To further meet the PPG internal plant production and the needs of the domestic market, so PPG paint (Zhangjiagang) plans to expand high-performance coating production line.

    PPG Zhangjiagang Electrophoresis Paint Mixing Center Project put into operation

    Data show that PPG paint (Zhangjiagang), by the PPG Industrial Company to invest in the new professional production of high-performance coatings and resins of foreign-owned enterprises, was established in October 8, 2005. In 2014, the factory sales of over 300 million yuan, 10 million yuan tax.

    Reporters noted that PPG paint (Zhangjiagang) factory since the establishment of a number of expansion: the beginning of 2006, PPG invested 40 million US dollars to expand the annual output of 40,000 tons of resin project, and put into operation by the end of July 2011; Million dollars to expand the annual output of 50,000 tons of water-based primer and 30,000 tons of high-performance paint project, the project put into operation can achieve annual sales income of 2.435 billion yuan; January 8, 2016, a total investment of 45 million US dollars of electrophoretic paint mixed Center project put into operation.

    "China is the second largest economy in the world and is always one of the most important strategic markets in the world," said John Richter, vice president of Paint Operations, PPG Asia Pacific. "We will continue to invest in China to meet China As one of the important production bases of PPG in China, Zhangjiagang factory still set aside production space, which is enough to highlight the PPG confidence in China 's sustained economic growth.

    PPG said, and strive to Zhangjiagang factory to build China's largest paint production base. This means that PPG Zhangjiagang factory sales scale will go beyond PPG Tianjin factory. According to the reporter learned that, PPG Tianjin factory sales in 2016 more than 5.3 billion.

    According to the "2017 China Top 100 Top 100 Coatings" show, PPG China to 2016 paint sales revenue of 10.741 billion yuan ranked third.