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PPG acquisition of Aksu not finally resorted to a big move

    PPG in Zhangjiagang 25 acres of "III period" to expand. The plan will include packaging coatings, automotive OEM equipment, industrial coatings and automotive repair coating production facilities, the expansion will make Zhangjiagang PPG the world's largest paint manufacturing base.

    And this distance from the PPG Coatings (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. water-based paint three projects publicity less than a week. According to PPG Coatings (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. recently announced: its water-based paint Phase III project is expected to start in May 2018, completed in December 2019, the project a total investment of 15.1 million yuan.

    Just announced Tianjin water-based paint production capacity expansion plan, but also announced the expansion of Zhangjiagang production capacity plan, PPG recently opened. The PPG in the Chinese market, frequent investment and open expansion, and its rival Akzo Nobel's continued force is not unrelated.

    Prior to this, June 16, PPG in the Russian Lipetsk region hit 45 million euros (49 million US dollars) of paint and paint production base officially put into operation. It is understood that the project's capacity of 25 million liters (6.6 million gallons), providing about 200 jobs. The project also includes administrative offices and technical laboratories in addition to manufacturing and distribution of automotive, industrial, packaging and marine coatings.

    In the PPG continued expansion at the same time, as the global paint industry giant Akzo Nobel is also through the acquisition to enhance their own strength. According to the China Coatings procurement network to understand, July 4, Akzo Nobel announced with the British FlexcreteTechnologies, the French manufacturer DisaTechnology (Disatech) company reached an acquisition agreement. The success of the transaction will further strengthen Akzo Nobel in providing innovative industrial coatings and aerospace and automotive coatings and other high-performance coatings in the field of global leadership.

    "These two acquisitions support Akzo Nobel's strategy of investing in growth and innovation and aligning it with the company's growth strategy," said Ton Büchner, chief executive officer of Akzo Nobel. The acquisition of the two leading industry leading paint companies, to expand the existing products and services Akzo Nobel, to bring great benefits to customers, more Akzo Nobel offers in many core markets for further paint innovation 

    Consolidated by the two companies in 2016, the full year of 2016, PPG company continued operating net sales of 14.8 billion US dollars, unchanged from the same period last year, the annual operating profit of 564 million US dollars. While Akzo Nobel recorded revenue of € 14.197 billion (US $ 15.067 billion) in 2016 and EBIT of € 1.52 billion (US $ 1.594 billion). PPG and Akzo Nobel's gap is only 200 million US dollars.

    In order to protect a high-quality business like Aksu was a malicious acquisition, the recent Dutch government said it would reconsider a plan to postpone or prevent foreign companies from acquiring Dutch companies. Before the political competition, US companies have recently tried to buy Dutch paint manufacturers Akzo Nobel (AkzoNobel) and the Dutch Dutch National Unilever ("Unilever" (NL)). These two developments were announced before the Dutch parliamentary elections, and the theme of anti-immigration and nationalism dominated the Dutch parliamentary elections.

    Driven by ambitious enterprises, often very action. PPG and Akzo Nobel swaggering, is showing a "catch you catch" trend, the competition is fierce. By investing or mergers and acquisitions widening the gap with rivals, PPG and Akzo Nobel are trying to seize the broader market through all possible ways to realize the ambition of its business empire.