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In Hunan Province Environmental Protection Office to carry out "illegal" special rectification activ

    In order to maintain the order of income distribution, serious financial discipline, standardize the implementation of wage and welfare policies. On the morning of June 29th, the discipline inspection team of the Environmental Protection Department of Hunan Province organized the mobilization meeting of the "Regulations and Regulations on the Implementation of the Subsidy Subsidy and the Performance Salary for the Unit and the Second-level Units". The Discipline Inspection Unit Institutions and secondary units since 2013, there are irregularities to pay subsidies and performance pay to carry out special rectification activities.

    The special rectification activities by the resident discipline inspection team leader, the party members of the party committee Wang Fangbo responsible for the total, led by the discipline inspection team, the Office of the Ministry of Personnel, the Ministry of Finance, organs and organs of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and the common implementation. Activities are divided into four stages, propaganda mobilization stage: June 29 to mobilize the General Assembly, the Office of the relevant departments of the main person in charge, the main person in charge of the two units, discipline appoint secretary or discipline inspection officer, personnel chief, chief financial officer The

    Self-examination and correction phase: June 29 - July 7, the Office of the organs and the two units of their respective units to pay subsidies and performance pay and other self-examination and self-correction. Verification and verification stage: July 10 - 14, by the Office of Discipline Inspection, the Ministry of Personnel, the Department of Finance, the organs of the party committee and the Commission Commission for Discipline Inspection in two groups to check the situation of self-examination and self-examination. Construction period: July 17-21, according to the relevant requirements, combined with the actual Office of the Environmental Protection Department, led by the Ministry of Education, the development of effective norms of subsidy subsidies, performance pay and other wage and welfare system.

    Wang Fangbai pointed out that "do a good job in this special rectification activities, to do four aspects.To improve awareness.Each units should attach great importance to this special rectification activities as a political discipline, not just work discipline And clean discipline, the ideological understanding of the central and provincial policy decisions to the deployment of change of ideas, abide by the national income distribution system, the maintenance of the rights and interests of cadres and workers. Second, to compel the responsibility of the units to strictly implement the responsibility, The data should be true and accurate, can not be falsified, or in accordance with the relevant party discipline and regulations to be held accountable.Two to be a solid rectification of the various units in the self-employed, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance, On the basis of the verification of the self - examination and the organization of the organization, the non - compliance with the policy provisions of the Tianjin subsidies, performance pay and difficult subsidies must be cleared in place, solid rectification to ensure that do not go through the motions.