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PPG helped Beijing's tallest building in China

    Over the years, PPG has always been the leading technology and quality products to help customers around the world in a variety of environments and efficient protection of assets, and customers work closely with them to develop the most effective solution to meet the Project on various needs. More than a long way to innovate, a magnificent building is inseparable from the decoration and protection of outstanding paint, with half a century of long history PPGDuranar? fluorocarbon coating system, not only to show the building unparalleled visual beauty, but also to protect it From wind and rain to wear and tear, perfect to maintain its color and luster.

    In this construction, the PPGDuranar?XL fluorocarbon coating (flash silver, silver, etc., which meets and fully exceeds the requirements of AAMA2605) is selected for the construction of the coating in China. solution. She is located in the core area of Beijing Business Center Z15 block, the total building height of 528 meters, with a total construction area of 437,000 square meters. The CBD in the CBD will be a Grade A office building, conference, business, sightseeing and a variety of supporting services in one, as Beijing's new landmark stands among the public buildings.

    New York Empire State Building, Paris Louvre Pyramid, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as well as the Shanghai Center and many other landmarks around the world, almost invariably choose PPGDuranar? fluorocarbon coating to protect and decorate metal structures! Because the Duranar? fluorocarbon coating not only provides superior performance and durability, but also a wide selection of colors, it also includes patented primer, intellectual property resin and exposure to southern Florida for at least ten years without fading pigments. AAMA2605.

    Since its launch in 1967, the 50th anniversary of the Duranar? coating has been celebrated. In the second half of this year, PPG will hold the 50th anniversary celebration of the Duranar? Coatings brand. PPG welcomes you here! The future, PPG will continue to develop more superior performance, full-featured paint products to a full range of diversified to meet customer needs!