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China's first sea combustible ice test end and shut down

    The South China Sea gas hydrate test and dusting project, organized by the China Geological Survey Bureau of the Ministry of Land and Resources, completed the expected target on the 9th. The first well was tested for gas production and field testing. Well work. This marks the success of the first test of natural gas hydrate in our country.

    According to the Xinhua News Agency on July 9, China Geological Survey deputy chief engineer, director of the Guangzhou Ocean Geological Survey and test site commander Ye Jianliang said that since May 10, since the ignition test, the trial has been sustained 60 days, the cumulative gas production of more than 300,000 cubic meters, made the longest gas production time, the largest total gas production, airflow stability, environmental safety and many other major breakthrough results, creating a gas production time and total world Record.

    Also known as combustible ice gas hydrate is water and natural gas in the case of high pressure and low temperature formed ice-like crystalline material, with high combustion value, pollution, large reserves and other characteristics, by countries as the future of oil, natural gas strategic alternative Energy, the success of its test to promote China's energy security, optimize the energy structure is important.

    The trial mining operation area is located in Zhuhai City, 320 km southeast of God fox sea. March 28, the first mouth of the test wells open drilling, at 10:52 on May 10 ignition success, from the depth of 1266 meters below the seabed 203 meters to 277 meters of natural gas hydrate mineral exploitation of natural gas. As of July 14 at 14:52, the average daily production of 5,000 cubic meters of test, the highest yield of 35,000 cubic meters / day, methane content up to 99.5%. Access to scientific test data of 6.47 million, for the follow-up of scientific research has accumulated a lot of data.

    The success of this test is the first time in China, but also the world's first successful realization of the amount of resources accounted for more than 90% of the world, the development of the most difficult muddy silt type natural gas hydrate safe control mining. "The results of this test show that China's gas hydrate mining theory, technology, engineering and equipment in the world have a leading edge, and the advantages are still expanding." Ye Jianliang said.

    Li Jinfa, deputy director of the China Geological Survey Bureau and deputy director of the gas hydrate trial and mining coordination group, said that the future will further increase the gas hydrate resources exploration efforts to provide resources for the industrialization of the foundation; at the same time increase the theory, technology, Equipment research efforts, to provide technical preparation for industrialization, and rely on scientific and technological progress to protect marine ecology, to provide green development basis for industrialization, while research and development management and regulatory documents and industrial policies for the industrialization of the relevant protection.