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Tianfu Science and Technology 6671 million won the successful bid for Hainan PX project orders

    July 6, the company received the China Petrochemical International Co., Ltd. sent the "tender results announcement" (winning notice), to determine the company for the China Petrochemical Hainan Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Hainan Refining & Chemical") The second set of p-xylene plant raw materials supporting board and Hainan Petrochemical second set of p-xylene plant raw materials supporting the project tower tower winning unit. Winning the amount of 6,671.18 million.

    Hainan Petrochemical the second set of p-xylene plant and ancillary works xylene tower bid amount of 16.53 million yuan, the product delivery period on March 30, 2018 delivery; Hainan Petrochemical second set of p-xylene plant and supporting the project adsorption tower bid The amount of 16.53 million yuan, the product delivery date of March 30, 2018 delivery.

    The bid amount is RMB 6,671.18 million and the average annual contract amount is RMB 333.595 million, accounting for 2.79% of the Company's audited 2016 annual operating income. The successful bidder, the company is an important manifestation of high-end equipment capacity. In the first half of 2017, the company equipment manufacturing, energy engineering orders continued to follow up, new orders increased steadily. As of June 30, the company orders a total of 18.844 billion yuan (excluding the first half has been completed, confirmed the income of the project orders), for the company's performance growth has laid a solid foundation.

    Hainan Refining and Chemical is the main business of refining and chemical production enterprises. September 2006, a total investment of 11.6 billion yuan in Hainan Refining and Chemical 8 million tons of oil refining a construction project 15 sets of petrochemical production plant all a successful car. In 2014, the expansion of the transformation, Hainan refining production plant from 15 sets to 26 sets, processing capacity from 8 million tons / year to 10 million tons / year, built the first set of domestic aromatics joint device, achieved by a single Refining to the integration of refining and chemical industry development. Hainan Refining & Chemical widely used the latest refining chemical technology, equipped with atmospheric vacuum distillation - catalytic raw material pretreatment - heavy oil catalytic cracking / hydrocracking process program. Catalytic feed hydrogenation pretreatment, middle distillate full hydrogenation, aviation coal and diesel oil for hydrorefining. Hainan Refining and Chemical in the light oil yield, product quality, clean production and environmental protection has a certain advantage.

    Hainan Petrochemical the first set of 600,000 tons / year p-xylene supporting projects in November 2012 began construction, October 26, 2013 to achieve the main device in the pay. September 2016, Hainan Daily News, Sinopec Hainan Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. The second set of aromatic projects has been approved by the China Petrochemical headquarters, the total investment of 4.8 billion yuan, 2016 before the end of the full start, plans to be completed in 2018.