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corn steep liquor liquid

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Product Description

1.Corn steep liquor liquid, with its rich nutrients profile, is a great organic fertilizer/organic nutritional aid for organic agriculture, and is available at a much cheaper price point than other organic fertilizers. Since the corn steep liquor is a by product of the corn wet milling industry, and is hing in nutritional content, it is the perfect contender for an organic fertilizer. Apart from its rich nutrient profile, the benefit that corn steep liquor has over other chemical fertilizer is the readily-available nitrogen content to be absorbed by the plants. Free nitrogen content, coupled with a rich amino acid profile of corn steep liquor makes for a highly suitable organic fertilizer for organic agricultural practices.

2.It is also used as a nutrient for microorganisms in the production of enzymes, antibiotics and other fermentation products. It is sometimes combined with other ingredients in corn gluten feed and widely used in complete feeds for dairy and beef cattle, poultry, swine and pet foods. It may also be sold separately as a liquid protein source for beef or dairy rations.

3.In addition to the above purposes, corn steep liquor liquid can also be used for biological fermentation, aquatic feed, sewage treatment, etc.

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