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  • 5 Mar 2020 16:10
Product Description

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Product information

Special roasted black sesame paste is made by traditional technology and stone mill. The sesame is stir fried in high fire first, and the temperature shall be strictly controlled during the stir frying process. The sesame cannot be burnt, and the nutritional components of the sesame shall not be damaged.The temperature of the stone mill is just enough to keep the nutrition of sesame from being destroyed. The speed and flow of the stone mill will determine the texture of the sesame paste. We have professional manual control, but do not directly contact with the product to ensure the quality of our products. The texture of black sesame paste is fine, with dark color and mellow taste.

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Product labeling

Product name:Shermark black sesame paste

Material: 100% black sesame seed

Product Category:Baking food

Edible method:Open the lid,eat it directly without cooking

Production date: See the label on the bottle

Storage conditions: Keep this product in a cool, dry, ventilated place.

Shelf life: 18 months


Nutrient name

Per 100g

Nutrient reference value


2639 KJ



22.7 g



54.0 g



15.0 g



10 mg


Product details & Applications







Materials used

Milk: 270g

Yolk: 2

Sugar: 35g

Black sesame paste: 60g

Ice cream cone: some

How to make black sesame ice cream

1. Add sugar to egg yolk

2. Use the eggbeater to beat until the color is white and the texture is thick.

3. Heat the milk to boiling state

4. Slowly pour the boiled milk into the egg yolk paste and stir while pouring

5. Pour the mixed egg milk back into the pot, and heat it with a small fire.

6. heat up to a thick, foam disappearing state. Turn off the fire and put it in cold water.

7. Sift the cooled egg milk

8. Add black sesame paste and stir evenly

9. Pour the mixed ice cream into the ice cream machine.

10. Put the prepared ice cream into the cone.


1. The yolk in the ice cream is fully cooked, so fresh eggs must be selected for the eggs. It is better to buy raw eggs.

2. Make sure to use a small fire when cooking the egg milk liquid. If there is a thermometer, control the temperature of the egg milk liquid to about 80 ℃, so as to kill the bacteria and avoid cooking it.

3. If there is no ice cream machine, put it into the refrigerator directly after the container is loaded. There is no need to take it out and stir it in the middle. If you want to have a more delicate taste, you can take it out in advance and warm it up. Then you can use the blender to slightly beat it to a smooth state. If there is no blender, you can eat it directly, and the taste is good.



Company profile




Binzhou city shermark sesame oil technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2000. It is located in Binzhou, the capital of logistics. Shermark sesame oil has a history of 20 years. The company has professional R & D personnel and modern production workshop; the well-equipped grease detection center has realized the organic combination of traditional process production and modern production, and the annual output is 500000 kg.




Shermark sesame oil is made of the best quality sesame as the raw material, without any additives, by using the traditional small grinding water instead of processing technology, combined with the company's proprietary 12 processing technology, 600 target speed purification technology and modern equipment. The product not only keeps the original mellow, thick fragrance and taste of the traditional small grinding sesame oil, but also retains the nutrition and color of the sesame oil.The company mainly produces various specifications of pure sesame oil, sesame paste, roasted sesame and other products; the product has strong fragrance and pure taste, which is trusted and praised by the majority of consumers, and has established a long-term cooperation relationship with local famous enterprises.

Binzhou city shermark sesame oil technology Co., Ltd always adheres to the enterprise tenet of "making money with conscience", in line with the enterprise mission of making consumers eat good sesame oil, making consumers live a happier life, and adheres to the sales mode of mutual benefit, mutual win, fairness and common progress to provide high-quality services for the market.


Purchase process



Q:Can I visit your factory ?

A: We warmly welcome customers to visit us. Before you come here, please advise your schedule, we can arrange attentive service for you.

Q:Can you provide me your catalogue?

A:Sure, Pis kindly send your request to us, or to our email.

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: If the order is less than 1000 boxes, you can get within 10-15 after you paid us.If the order is more than 1000 pieces, please check the delivery time with us.

Q:Can we get the sample to check before place large quantity?

A: Sure, sample is available.


Welcome to visit our factory and check the details!

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Shermark is designed by a lucky ,Website:topsesameoil,young,passionate and artistic team.The brand is only focused on doing the world's best, peculiar spices.We will show you a huge picture of sesame oil production process and any other sesame spices such as sesame sauce,sesame salt and so on. Shermark provides you the 100% pure sesame oil.Clients can buy it and paste other brand signs on the different bottles or any other outer packing.We are the sesame oil factory with the technology equipment which can produce the sesame oil in all kinds of requirements.