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Seasoning For Roasted Sesame Oil

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Product Description

Introduction of seasoning for roasted sesame oil

Natural sesame seed oil is more suitable for seasoning than the common vegetable oil. It is often used in cooking, especially when it is used for cold mixing or soup making. It is very fragrant and has increased appetite. It is also an essential flavor in the kitchen. To say the way to eat sesame oil, generally cold dishes, stuffing, seasoning soup, mixing noodles, pancakes, etc., the flavor of sesame oil with small grinding must be upgraded to a higher level. Shermark sesame oil adopts the pollution-free sesame specified by the Ministry of agriculture of the people's Republic of China, and grinds the pure, regular, fragrant and thick Shagou sesame oil with traditional stone grinding and cold grinding technology. Shermark sesame oil is suitable for all kinds of restaurants, hotels and families, as well as hotpot oil dishes. This product is made for those high-end people who have high requirements for quality of life and pay attention to health. High quality sesame oil is definitely the flavor in your memory!


Product parameters

Product name:Shermark white sesame oil

Material: 100% white sesame seed

Product Category:Baking food

Production date: See the label on the bottle

Storage conditions: Keep this product in a cool, dry, ventilated place.

Shelf life: 18 months

Nutrient name

Per 100g

















Product pictures and Applications

black seed Skin Care Oils

Cooking Oil producer

Stewed pork ribs soup with sugar cane and chestnut

China is one of the oldest sugarcane growing countries in the world, with a history of at least 2000 years. Sugarcane contains a large number of iron, calcium, zinc and other trace elements necessary for human body, of which the content of iron is particularly high, up to 9 mg / kg, ranking first among fruits, so sugarcane is known as "blood enriching fruit". Fruit sugarcane is not only rich in vitamins, unique flavor, but also has a variety of medicinal value. According to the compendium of Materia Medica, fruit sugarcane can help temper, benefit the small intestine, have the functions of anti-inflammatory and thirst quenching, detoxification of alcohol, etc., and is mainly used to treat lower Qi and middle Qi.

Sesame oil can reduce blood lipid, delay aging and protect liver. The lignans in sesame oil can also promote the metabolism of ethanol and enhance the detoxification activity of liver. Friends who often drink alcohol are better to eat small dishes made of sesame oil. Sesamin can be used as insecticide, and lignans can inhibit fungal bacteria. It is more healthy and resistant to take some sesame oil from time to time.

1. Ingredients: ribs, chestnuts, black sugarcane.

2. Drain the ribs with flying water, then wash them again, put them into the soup pot, and inject water once.

3. Put in black sugarcane, cover the pot, boil over high heat, turn to low heat, and cook for 1.5 hours.

4. Put in the cleaned chestnuts, cover the pot and boil over high heat.

5. Turn the heat down and cook for another 30 minutes. Add a few drops of sesame oil to turn off the heat. This soup doesn't need any seasoning. It's very sweet.

6. Put it into a soup bowl and serve it


sesame noodles


raw, pressed sesame seeds


1.How can I pay for my order?

We accept T/T(Telegraphic Transfer).

2.Do you test your products?

Yes, we test for all incoming raw materials before production . Testing before any processing takes place helps us to deliver you the highest quality ingredients at the lowest possible prices.

3. How do you treat quality complaint?

First of all, our quality control will reduce the quality problem to near zero. If there is a real quality problem caused by us, we will send you free goods for replacement or refund your loss.

4.How to contact us ?

You can chat with us by telephone or email. You can choose your interested products and send inquiry to us. You can dial our telephone directly, you will get our reply. Send Email to us.

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Shermark is designed by a lucky ,Website:topsesameoil,young,passionate and artistic team.The brand is only focused on doing the world's best, peculiar spices.We will show you a huge picture of sesame oil production process and any other sesame spices such as sesame sauce,sesame salt and so on. Shermark provides you the 100% pure sesame oil.Clients can buy it and paste other brand signs on the different bottles or any other outer packing.We are the sesame oil factory with the technology equipment which can produce the sesame oil in all kinds of requirements.