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Natamycin  (pimaricin) , Food Preservative
CAS No: 7681-93-8
"Molecular formula: C33H47NO13
"Molecular weight: 665.73
"wholesomeness: 95% min and 50% Min
Payment: T/T or L/C at sight

Natamycin (pimaricin)has the benefit of hinder the development of mould, Yeast and other's been globally utilized in cheese, dairy food, baked food, drink, juice and meat industry etc, it's reliable in application and safe to body.

Natamycin is really a white-colored to yellow flavourless, odourless crystalline powder. It's very stable using its very form. The solubility of Natamycin is very low in water and in many organic solvents. Only 50mg Natamycin could be dissolved in pure water at 70 degrees. The reduced solubility causes it to be very appropriate to be used at first glance of food. Natamycin will remain on surface of food, where most moulds and yeasts may grow, but doesn't influence natural span of fermentation inside.

Natamycin is polyene macrolide antimycotic. But it's very sensible to oxidation and ultraviolet radiation.

Natamycin can hinder almost all the fungi (moulds and Yeasts), but couldn't lead to bacteria, virus or any other microorganism.

Many factors may influence the soundness of Natamycin: acidity , Temperature, Light, oxygen, Heavy metal and rock, ETC.

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