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Microcomputer relay protection calibrator and tester with 6 phase for relay testing

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Product Description

Product Name:XHJB666 Microcomputer Relay protection tester / secondary injection test setMicrocomputer relay protection calibrator and testerwith 6 phase for relay testingProduct Application:This instrument designed according to the standard reference DL/T624-2010 "test device microprocessor-based relay protection technology", collects views of users, summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of domestic similar products, make full use of modern advanced microelectronic technology to achieve a new miniaturized relay protection tester.?Features:High-Performance Industrial Control ComputerDigital Signal Processor MicrocomputerD/A Conversion and Low-Pass FilteringVoltage and Current AmplifierDigital Input and outputAuxiliary DC Power Supply Output for Special Use.?SpecificationCurrent generators ?????????????????????? ??? GeneralSetting range?????????????????????????????????? ?? Accuracy?????? ? ?<0.2%typical?? 6-phase? ac(L-N)? ?6*0…30A ??? ??????? ?Distortion????? ?? ?≤ 0. 5%typical3-phase? ac(L-N)?3*0…60A ?????????????? Resolution???????? 4.0mV1-phase? ac(L-N)?1*0…180A ????? ????? Generator, general6-phase? dc(L-N) ?6*0…10A ???????????? Frequency range3-phase? dc(L-N)?3*0…20A ??????? ???? Sine? signal?? ?????????????? ?DC…1000Hz1-phase? dc(L-N)?1*0…60A ??????????? ?Transient signal? ??????????? DC…3000HzPower ?????????????????????????????????????????????? Frequency accuracy??? ?0.01%6-phase? ac ?6*260VA/W????????????????? Frequency resolution?? ?0.01Hz3-phase? ac? ?3*400VA/W ???????????? ? ?Phase angle range???? ?-360…+3601-phase? ac? ?1*1080VA/W ???????????? ?Phase angle accuracy? ?0.16-phase? dc ?6*180VA/W??????????????????Digital Input and Output3-phase? dc? ?3*320VA/W ????????????? ??Digital input1-phase? dc? ?1*780VA/W????? ?????????? Number????????? ??10General ?????????????????????????????????????????? ?Input characteristic??10-250VDC or free contactAccuracy???? ?<0.2% typical????? ??????? Time resolution?? ???????????? 1m sDistortion???? ?≤ 0.5%guaranteed ????? ?Max.measuring time? ???? 9999sResolution??? ?1mA?????????????????????????????? digital output? Voltage Generators ??????????????????????????? ?Type?????????? ??Free relay contactSetting range???????????????????????????????????????Number?????????? ?86-phase? ac(L-N) ?6*0…120V????????????? Break capacity ac?? ??0.5A,250V6-phase? ac(L-L)? ?? 0…240V????????????? ?Break capacity dc???? 0.5A,60Vdc6-phase? dc(L-N)? ?6*0…160V?????????? ? General6-phase? dc(L-L)? ?? 0…320V ???????????? Nominal supply voltage?? ???????? 240VacPower ???????????????????????????????????????????????? Permissible supply voltage???? 220-264Vac6-phase? ac(L-N) ?6*70VA ???????????????? ?Nominal frequency???????????????? ?50/60Hz6-phase? ac(L-L)? ?3*140VA ??????????????? Permissible frequency????????? ?45-65Hz6-phase? dc(L-N)? ?6*80W ???????????????? ?Operating temperature????????? ?-5…+50℃6-phase? dc(L-L)? ?3*160W ??????????????? ?MiscellaneousPC-Connection???????????????????????????????? ??USBGround Socket?? ???????????????????????????????? 4mm banana socket?Xu & Hui, well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various testers in China, now has quality microcomputer relay protection calibrator and tester with 6 phase for relay testing for sale. Providing you with the best price, we warmly welcome you to buy low price microcomputer relay protection calibrator and tester with 6 phase for relay testing with CE certification which is high in precision and reliable in performance with our factory.

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