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Lithium--Elementary Substances

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  • 7439-93-2
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  • 12 Nov 2015 21:19
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  • Classification:Other Inorganic Chemicals
  • CAS No.:7439-93-2
  • EINECS:231-102-5
  • Molecular formula:Li
  • Melting point:180℃
  • Boiling point:1340℃
  • stability:Stability Stable, but responds strongly with water. Store under oil.
  • water solubility:REACTS
  • expensive point:无意义
  • Appearance:soft silver metal
  • HazardClass:4.3

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Detailed Description

Product title: Lithium   

: Molecular formula: Li
Molecular weight: 6.94
: Solubility: insoluble in hydrocarbon, soluble in nitric acidity and liquid ammonia.
: Use: As reducing agent, hydrogenant agent, alloy hardener, deoxidizing agent of copper or copper alloy also utilized in organic synthesis.
EC NO:231-102-5
Synonyms:Lithium metal;Lithium pieces;LithiumrodNcmdiapackedinmineraloilcagcm;LithiumingotN;LithiumribbonNmmwidexmmthickunderpetrolatum;Lithiumgranules;Lithium rod;Lithium ingot;Lithium ribbon;Lithium standard solution 1000 ppm;Lithium solution 1000 ppm;Lithium solution 10 000 ppm;Lithium;

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