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Product Description

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Black sesame oil is selected from the best quality sesame, natural and ecological, with even particles and strong smell of Ganoderma. Refined vegetable oil, bright color, fragrant smell and delicious taste. The pure sesame sesame sesame oil is reddish brown, with good transparency and no obvious turbidity. The sesame oil extracted from the pure sesame oil does not add any miscellaneous oil and essential oil essence. The best quality black sesame is selected, focusing on the fullness of each sesame. Traditional stone grinding, low temperature grinding, the temperature of the whole grinding process is only about 65 degrees, which effectively protects the nutrition and mellow of sesame oil. After repeated physical farming, water displaces oil from sauce culture. The heavy metal compounds precipitated into the sauce residue to avoid the impact on human body.

Natural Sesame Seed

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Product parameters

Product name:Shermark black sesame oil

Material: 100% black sesame seed

Product Category:Baking food

Production date: See the label on the bottle

Storage conditions: Keep this product in a cool, dry, ventilated place.

Shelf life: 18 months

Nutrient name

Per 100g

















Product pictures and Applications

sesame powder at best price

pure black sesame

Black sesame oil is mainly used to enhance the fragrance. When mixing cold dishes, put a tablespoon, or put a few drops before cooking, or put a few drops after cooking. Cold dishes can be put more, stir fried dishes do not suggest to put more, about 20 grams a day can. Black sesame oil is a good choice for cold dishes. If you often eat black sesame oil, you will know that it is rich in nutrients and is most suitable for weak people.

People in southern China also like to eat hot pot with sesame oil, which is added with chili sauce, bean curd, garlic, etc.

Black sesame oil also has the function of moistening dryness. People with constipation can drink one tablespoon of black sesame oil on an empty stomach, or mix black sesame oil with honey.

If it is used to cook fried food or prepare cold dishes, it can remove the fishy smell and generate strange fragrance. If it is prepared with traditional Chinese medicine, it has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, cooling blood and relieving pain.



black sesame soup


Q: How does Shermark deal with failure product?

A: We examine every step to avoid product quality deviate from our standard. However, we will resend a new product if situation above occurred after investigate where the fault is on Shermark. This is to ensure we maintain customer's trust and withstand long lasting relationship.

Q : Our country need Health / Sanitary Certificate , Certificate of Origin , also some document to be verified by Embassy , could you help me ?

A : Yes , we will have all the documents needed for customs clearance ready for you !

Q: Do you supply your products in bulk?

A:Yes we do.

Q: Can you do OEM ?

A:We provide our own brand products . If you have your own brand , we accept OEM

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Shermark is designed by a lucky ,Website:topsesameoil,young,passionate and artistic team.The brand is only focused on doing the world's best, peculiar spices.We will show you a huge picture of sesame oil production process and any other sesame spices such as sesame sauce,sesame salt and so on. Shermark provides you the 100% pure sesame oil.Clients can buy it and paste other brand signs on the different bottles or any other outer packing.We are the sesame oil factory with the technology equipment which can produce the sesame oil in all kinds of requirements.