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Dipping Sauce Bulk Tahini Sesame Paste

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Product Description

Introduction of Dipping Sauce Bulk Tahini Sesame Paste

Sesame paste has a delicious taste, no peculiar smell, and natural sesame flavor; sesame paste has a soft taste, delicate and mellow texture, and no grain feeling, so it can be scooped up like silk for a long time; good sesame paste has a delicate hand and taste, and no large particles, so it flows down in a linear shape with a spoon, and contains a lot of oil. Pure sesame paste tastes slightly bitter, and the flavor becomes stronger after eating. Sesame paste is often used to mix noodles, make sesame paste dip materials, and sometimes used to make desserts. It tastes delicious. Traditional stone grinding keeps the nutrition and taste of the ingredients. The texture of sesame paste after stone grinding is fine and mellow.

pure sesame seed paste

Product information

Product name:Shermark pure white sesame paste

Material: 100% white sesame seed

Product Category:Baking food

Edible method:Open the lid,eat it directly without cooking

Production date: See the label on the bottle

Storage conditions: Keep this product in a cool, dry, ventilated place.

Shelf life: 18 months


Nutrient name

Per 100g

nutrient reference value


2648 KJ



20.0 g



52.1 g



22.4 g



44 mg


Product details and Application

chicken use sesame sauce

organic white sesame paste

Hot and Sour Rice Noodles

It's not difficult to make authentic hot and sour noodles at home: first, deal with the sweet potato flour well, which is smooth and not sticky; second, have a special spicy oil chili; third, make a good soup base; fourth, prepare ingredients and food code; finally, adjust the hot and sour taste according to your own taste - all of the above, within three or five minutes, a bowl of acid The hot and sour powder can be served.

1. Put the chili noodles and pepper seeds into the heat-resistant container, a little larger, otherwise the color will overflow;

2. Heat corn oil to 60% heat (what is 60% heat? Put the palm on the oil pan, the palm is slightly hot, the oil surface is a little bit dynamic, turn off the fire, shake the oil pan, and then slightly lower the temperature;

3. Pour half of the hot oil into the hot pepper noodles and stir evenly;

4. Wait for half a minute to one minute, then pour the remaining hot oil into the chili noodles, and stir evenly;

5. Add in raw soy sauce and sesame oil, stir well. Hot pepper in oil.

6. Sweet potato powder, use 50-60 degree blister to send to Microsoft for 10 minutes

7. Put water into the pot, boil until boiling, and then put in the soft powder strips to boil for 30 seconds (half a minute);

8. Immediately remove the vermicelli, cool the water and drain the water for standby; (cutting: if the vermicelli is still hard at this time, the vermicelli can be boiled in boiling water for 30 seconds again, and then remove the vermicelli until the vermicelli is ripe, very soft and transparent. If it is hard to cook twice, you can continue to cook and flush again and again. The best time for each cooking is 30 seconds. Overcooking will make the stick soft and lose elasticity. Repeatedly boil and wash water to cool, not only can it be the way to make the vermicelli ripe and soft, but also can remove the fishiness of the vermicelli. I can't provide the exact times of boiling and flushing, because the moisture content of the dry noodles is different, and the draught of the noodles is different in different brands, different regions and different seasons.)

9. Use the boiled water that has cooked the vermicelli to scald the vegetables, and drain them with cold water for standby.

10. Put oil in the pot, stir fry the bean paste until the oil is red;

11. Add minced ginger and garlic, stir fry to produce fragrance;

12. Add chicken soup, measure and control by yourself, and make it wider; use boiled water if there is no chicken soup;

13. Boil over high heat, add 1 tablespoon oil and pepper, turn off the heat. Soup is ready!

14. Put peanuts and cold oil into the pot, fry them slowly on a low heat; put them in a cool and crispy place, crush them roughly for use.

15. Add soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, pepper powder and pepper to the bottom of the bowl, and 1 teaspoon oil and pepper;

16. Spread the Scalded Vegetables and put the processed sweet potato powder on them;

17. Pour in enough soup (it's not recommended to use such a small bowl, use a large bowl, the soup is sufficient, disperse the powder and seasoning, and leave enough space for the broken pieces.)

18. Finally, sprinkle with chopped coriander, chopped shallot, chopped celery, chopped mustard, chopped peanuts (crispy beans), and red pepper rings.



Company profile

jarred sesame paste


Q:Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A:We are manufacturer and we have our own factory.

Q:Do you have guarantee on your products?

A:Our products are 100% pure nature with high quality.The products are conformed to European standard.

Q:What is the MOQ?

A:1000 kg. We usually accept a large quantity, but our sample fee is free.

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