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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? About usgodeagle is a punching service embroidery company. We provide superior quality embroidery punching with production in mind. Rigorous quality checks are performed on all designs prior to shipment. For $3.75 per thousand stitches you will have tranquility about quality,Website:godeaglegroup, smooth running embroideries and happy customers. We guarantee!We are a high-tech digitizing enterprise. The company is totally engaged in the computer embroidery industry for nearly 20 years. We are rich in high-quality personnel with large experience of punching and digitizing. Equipped with 15 sets of advanced digitizing software and hardware.godeagle is committed to offering the most efficient digitized designs. You will get knowledgeable customer service, fast estimates, quick turnarounds,FREE estimates and FREE most of editing.Embroidery DigitizingPricing:Only $2.5 per 1,000 stitchesFree quotesFree format conversionsFree editing in most, if not all cases, until you are satisfiedQuickly turnaround within 24 hours or less several hoursNo extra charge for rush jobsNo minimum chargeMaximum Charge $150=40,000 stitchesOrder processYou offer :?We accept a whole range of image formats. The file sent to us can be computer generated, hand drawn or a scanned image of the finished product. As long as the image is clear, we should be able to convert it into digitized form for you. Do note that the better the image, the more likely we will be able to create a good digitized output.Examples of acceptable formats:?BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PCX, CDR, AI, PSD, PDF, PCT, WMF.You get:?We offers a wide variety of file formats for your digitized product. Whether you are using a Tajima or a Barudan, we are well capable of satisfying your needs. Machines supported by us include:Examples of machines supported:?Tajima (.DST), Barudan (.DSB), Pfaff (. KSM), Happy (.TAP), Meclo (.EXP), Toyota,Saurer, Mitsubishi, Bernina, Brother, Wilcom, JanomeFeel free to enquire about files for other machines. We are certain that we will be able to cater to your needs.Formats List?Tajima .DST, .T01?Barudan .DSB, .U??, .T03, .DAT, .EXY, .FXY, .UXYZSK .DSZ, .T05?Zangs .T04?Melco .EXP?Toyota .10O Compucon .XXX?Wilcom .EMB?Pfaff .KSM, .T09, .PCS, .PCD, .PCQ, .PCM, .VIP?Deco, Babylock, Brother .PEC, PES?Janome, Elna, Kenmore .JEF, .SEW?Husqvarna, Viking .HUS?Poem, Huskygram, Singer EU .CSD?Happy .TAP?Bits & Volts .BRO?Brother .PHC?Data-Stitch .STX?FAQ(1)What is digitizing or punching?Digitizing is the act of entering digital data (point by point with a digitizing tablet or by scanning the design) into a computer and then defining the data to represent stitch types, stitch directions, density settings and machine efficiency.The digitizer (also known as a puncher) creates a map, which the embroidery machine follows to get from starting point to ending point.Many different roads can be taken to get from start to finish. Each digitizer will have a different point of view when approaching a design.(2)There are three basic stitch types that are used for all embroidery:Running---Running stitches or walk stitches are single line stitches which run one stitch between two needle penetration point. A running stitch goes from point A to point B. They are used for very fine detail and also for underlay. There are different variations of run stitches such as two-ply and bean. A two-ply stitch is a running stitch that goes from point A to point B and then goes back from point B to point A and stops. A bean stitch is a running stitch that goes from point A to point B and then goes back from point B to point A and then goes forward from point A to point B. The differences are in the thickness of the different variations.Satin-----Satin stitches are nothing more than zigzag stitches. A satin stitch can range in thickness from just over 1mm to usually a maximum of 12mm. A satin stitch is normally used for nice detail and for most normal size lettering.Fill------A fill stitch is used to cover a large area in a design. Fill stitches are a series of running stitches aligned together to create a solid area of coverage in the design. Fill stitches can be aligned to create patterns or they can change direction to provide different effects from within the design.?In addition to different stitch types, the other factor a digitizer has to deal with is density, stitch directions and stitch lengths. The stitch directions and stitch lengths enable the digitizer to create different effects with the stitch types just described. The density refers to stitches per inch. The greater the density, the more stitches will be used within that defined area.?A good technique for a digitizer to use is a greater amount of underlay to stabilize the material and allow for less density to be used in the particular segment of the design.(3)What form of artwork do you prefer?Our first choice is vector art. Either a Corel Draw file (.cdr) or an Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) Please convert all text to curves because we don't have every font available installed. If vector art is not available then a graphic file in either .jpeg .eps .bmp or. Tiff format will work. If graphic files are not available, we can also use camera-ready art. If none of these are available, then there could be an additional charge to prepare the art for digitizing.(4)What is the best way to send artwork?The easiest way is to send an email with attached design file.(5)How long does it take to get my design digitized?24 hours or less and fast online service,No extra charge for rush jobs(6)How do you ensure quality?We sew and inspect each digitized design to ensure the design is sharp and clean. If we find any problem, and we ever found, we correct it and sew it again. We do this until it is finally perfect. This final sample image is provided FREE of charge to you when we send the embroidery file by email.

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