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If you are looking for pure organic China basil oil from professional supplier, or checking basil oil benefits and price with professional company, please feel free to contact Yuanjian Biological Technology.Basic Information:Other?Name:?Basil?Essential OilOrigin:?ChinaAppearance:?Clear?Pale?Yellow?LiquidPurity:?100%?PurePlant?Used:?Whole?grassMain?Content:?Eugenol?95%CAS:?8015-73-4Organic?:YesExtraction?Method:?Steam?DistillationOEM:?YESPrice:?NegotiatedSupplier:?YuanJianBioSample:?FreeEmail:?sales@sxyjsw?Description:Basil leaves have an amazing flavor when combined with tomato pasta, yet the essential oil provides wonderful soothing and calming properties. It is most commonly used for relieving sore joints and muscles.?This one is prominent essential oil for enhancing hair growth. It works with roused blood?circulation, which in turn aids in getting rid of dead skin on the scalp and nourishes the hair roots. This oil can be teamed with ivy burdock herbs and fenugreek and then used as rinses, it will nourish the scalp.Someone will ask how to make basil oil for hair。?Benefits & Uses:?Holy Basil oil recipe used in flavoring liquor, chewing Tooth paste, cold rub oil etc.It is used in flavoring, cosmetics, soap, harmaceuticals and perfumery.Traditionally Ocimum sanctum is used in malarial fevers, gastric disorders and in hepatic infections. Ocimum sanctum leaves is also used in bronchitis, ringworm and other cutaneous diseases and earache.The leaves are used as a nerve tonic and to sharpen memory. Ocimum sanctum leaves are abundant in tannins like gallic acid, chlorogenic acid etc and also contain alkaloids, glycosides, and saponins along with the volatile oil. The major active constituents of Holy basil leaves include urosolic acid.??Application:Therapeutic:?It is used for inhalation in baths and for massages and aromatherapies. Since it is both cold and warm in nature, it has invigorating effect that is very beneficial for sluggish skin when it is used in bath or is smoothed over the body. It also helps in pepping up blood circulation in the body.?Medicinal:?Since ancient times, Basil essential oil is a sacred plant in India and both the plant and its oil are used in ayurvedic medicines.Cosmetics and Perfumery:?It has been used as a filler with other vital herbs to reduce odors – both bodily and atmospheric.?Miscellaneous: is particularly favored with tomatoes, however is widely used to flavor salads, stuffing, sauces and omelets as well as soups (pistou) and pasta dishes.?Shipping & Storage:Delivery: Sea/Air shipping & International ExpressShipping Time: 2-3 working days after paymentPackage: 30ml /50ml/100ml: amber glass bottles, 1kg/5kg: aluminum drums.????????????? 25kg plastic barrels(30cm(length)*26cm(width)*42cm(height))????????????? 180kg Tinning iron drums (56cm(diameter)*90cm(height) )????????????????????????????????????????????????? Storage: Kept away from strong light and heat. Shelf Life: 24 months

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