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20L Laboratory Vacuum Dryer Chamber

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Product Description

25L 250°C Vacuum Drying Oven DZF 6020 With Optional Vacuum Pump Used For Lithium Battery Baking Lab EquipmentA vacuum oven is a box-type drying device that dries a dry material under negative pressure. Its working principle is to use a vacuum pump for pumping and dehumidifying to make the working chamber to form a vacuum state,Website:amoytob, reduce the boiling point of water and speed up the drying.Vacuum ovens are designed to dry heat-sensitive, easily decomposable and easily oxidized materials. They can be filled with inert gas. In particular, some components with complex composition can also be quickly dried. The product has the following features:1, rectangular studio, so that the maximum effective volume, microcomputer temperature controller, precise temperature control.2, steel, bullet-proof double glass door to observe the work room objects, at a glance.3, the box closed tightness can be adjusted, the overall shape of the silicone rubber door seals to ensure high vacuum inside the box.4, studio made of stainless steel (or drawing board) to ensure that the product is durable.5. Storage, heating, testing, and drying are performed in the absence of oxygen or in an atmosphere filled with inert gas, so they do not oxidize.6, the shortest heating time, and the traditional drying oven than the heating time by more than 50%. Vacuum oven because it is powered by electricity, and wet items are conductive, it should be careful in the use of electricity leakage phenomenon, it is generally necessary to use the oven to ensure safety. If there is no ground wire, please confirm that there is no leakage in the oven; if there is a slight leakage phenomenon, try to pull up the socket and reinsert the pin in the opposite direction. If there is no leakage, use it carefully. If there is still a leakage phenomenon Should be immediately disabled.Widely used in medicine, metallurgy, electronic hardware, food, chemical, PCB baking and other industries.? ?Important Notice.? ?1)Customers should be sure whether their countries are allowed to import this product purchasing.? ?2)If you`re unsure of whether your country allows these kinds of products or not.? ?3)we recommend you to contact the custom for confirmation.? ?4)We will not be responsible for losses due to customs confiscation.A. Pre-sales service? ? 1. Reply your inquiry/question with 12hours.? ? 2. Provide detailed quotation with specification.? ? 3. Provide competitive price according to the requests.? ? 4. Provide professional solutions for your questons.B. In-sales service? ? 1. Valid proforma invoice.? ? 2. Many kinds of payment terms for your choice.? ? 3. Various shipping way for your reference.? ? 4. Stric inspection for the goods before shipment.? ? 5. Professional and standard export packing.? ? 6.?Delivery on time.C. After-sales service? ? 1. One year warranty with lifetime (online) technical support.? ? 2. Free spare parts will be shipped to you during the warranty time.? ? 3. Engineer available service oversea, you will only need to pay for the visa, tickets, food and accommodation.? ? 4. If the problem happends on equipment without human factors, the repairs is free, or you can choose return it back to us.

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