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Chemical Product CAS:62218-71-7Benzo[b]thiophen-2-amine, N-[(4-chlorophenyl)methylene]-3-phenyl-

Benzo[b]thiophen-2-amine, N-[(4-chlorophenyl)methylene]-3-phenyl-

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    Benzo[b]thiophen-2-amine, N-[(4-chlorophenyl)methylene]-3-phenyl-
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Benzo[b]thiophen-2-amine, N-[(4-chlorophenyl) ( CASNO:62218-71-7 )

Identification and Related Records
Benzo[b]thiophen-2-amine, N-[(4-chlorophenyl)methylene]-3-phenyl-
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Hubei Yuancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd:
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Hangzhou R&S Pharmchem Co., Ltd:
We're a number one manufacturer and supplier of top quality chemicals. The items are classified into 7 groups and greater than 60 types. Method is broadly accustomed to tires, rubber pipes, electric wire and cable, painting, Glass Fiber, toxin polymerization, treating of unsaturated polyester and mix connecting of polymer.We has generated up a great status locally and worldwide. We concentrate on quality, Reliability, Performance and well and total plan to clients. Our product has transpired the authentication of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. Our first priority would be to produce high quality items without causing any injury to natural atmosphere.We always takes Not ask greatest, seek only is the best, credibility because the foundation, customer comes first as our goal. We sinc 
Zhengzhou Meinl Chemical Co., Ltd.:
 Zhengzhou Meinl ChemicalCO., Ltd. with chemical industry because the core ,Specialized is involved in the import and export of fluorescent whitening agent and dye intermediates business comprehensive enterprise main products :DSD ACID (CAS No.81-11-8),PNTOSA (CAS No.121-03-9),DNST (CAS No.128-42-7),Sulfanilic acid (CAS NO 121-57-3), Sodium sulfanilate(CAS NO 515-74-2),2,6-Dibromo-4-nitro Aniline(CAS No.827-94-1),6-Bromo-2,4-Dinitroaniline(CAS No.217-329-2)。The quality and the technical from the prodcts takes charge in China and the planet too. is realated at dye ,medicine pesticide and Food dye.                              
Wuyi YiFan Tumbler Co.,LTD:
Anyang Shon International Trading Co.,Ltd:
Shenzhen E-Lins Technology Co., Ltd.:
Belonged to E-Lins Group,Website:, E-Lins Technology was established in 1999. As a professional wireless M2M solution provider, E-Lins is the leading provider and OEM/ODM for M2M total solution in the Peoples Republic of China. ? E-Lins is based on the M2M field (Machine to Machine,Man to Machine), developed full expansion of 4G/3G/2G mobile cellular device. ? E-Lins mobile data products are widely used in more than 50 countries and regions, and more than twenty industrial fields, such as power control, water schedule, traffic, oil field, weather forecast, environmental protection, street lamp control, post, bank, CCTV, security surveillance, and many other areas. Pursuing a highly effective operation system to give customers more satisfaction, we also endeavor to im 
Hubei Zhongti Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.:
Hubei Zhongti Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is within Wuhan, which is an expert creating and tradingantimony items. With more than forty years' development, we've progressed into a company with total assets of RMB50 million Yuan and production capacity weight loss than 8000 tons each year. Meanwhile, we established Hong Kong Antimony Chemical &lifier Mining Industry Co., LTD in HONG KONG and have production base that's situated within the high and new technology industrial development focus Yiyang,Hunan province. We've offered all sorts of antimony items in excess of 6000 tons each year by our technological brilliance. We've established many branch offices in Guangdong, shenzhen, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Sichuan Shanxi etc. We established material bases in Jiangxi and Yunnan. We 
Henan changsheng garden bee industries limited:
ShenZhen Winkey Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd:
ZHENGZHOU U . s . ASIA Buying and selling CO.LTD is made in 2005year,we as growing company who are able to supply many items.and we've been exportinig to around 70 couries, for example America,Africa,south-east Asia,Europe and the like.our items and service have previously confirmed by many people clients, and we should also grow our business together with your esteemed company. We possessed two department, the first is building and decoration material and another is okay chemical. the plethora of chemcial items are calcium hypochlorite, tcca,SDIC,pool chemical,bleaching powder,Tapioca Starch,corn starch,potato starch,Modified Starch, and the plethora of building materials are PVC flooring,PVC Ceramic Tile, Vinyl Floors,vinyl ceramic tile,pvc carpet,PVC Sports Floor and the like. if you 
zouping dongfang chemical industry co.,ltd:
Zouping dongfang chemical industry co.,ltd . we are an expert manufacturer of all types water treatment chemical for Oilfiled /Cooling water System/Boiler /Pool Our items include scale and Corrosion Inhibitor, antiscale and dispersant, bactericide and algicide,copper Corrosion Inhibitor and the like:1.Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor:organic phosphonate for example HEDP, ATMP, EDTMPS, PBTCA, DTPMPA.HPAA etc.2.Scale dispersant: polycarboxylic acidity and polycarboxylic acidity salts, water-based dispersant for example PAA, PAAS, HPMA.MA/AA.AA/Amplifiers.PESA.PASP etc.Bactericide and Algicide for example DDBAC(1227) .Isothiazolinones .ClO2. DF-5001etc. Copper Corrosion Inhibitor: Copper and copper alloy corrosion inhibitor for example BTA, TTA.Flocculant agent: PAC ,PAM . 
Zhejiang Jiahua Chemical Co., Ltd. &New Future Chemical CO.,LTD.:
a Greatsteroid Co.,Ltd:
Nanjing Qirui Material Co., Ltd.:
profile: Nanjing Qirui Material Co., Ltd. is involved in oil refinement and alkanes derivative product purchase. Our organic solvent catalogue includes ethyl Cyclohexane, dimethyl methyl acidity radical, chloro-Cyclohexane, Normal hexane, Cyclohexane, fine dicarboxylic acidity and dimethyl formamide. The methyl cyclohexane is really a organic solvent and Removing Agent. It's broadly utilized on rubber coating, varnish, Body fat and organic synthesis. Our glycol can be used for making resin, plasticizer, Synthetic fiber, Cosmetics and raging explosive. 
Zhejiang Esun Chemical Co., Ltd.:
profile: Zhejiang Esun Chemical Co., Ltd. is an expert in developing and marketing new-type pharmaceutical drugs and Intermediates. Our product catalog includes sorafenib,lapatinib ditosylate, Erlotinib, sunitinib malate, Bicalutamide, IMATINIB, Palonosetron, nilotinib, lapatinib, darifenacin, GEFITINIB, Pregabalin, Anastrozole, rubitecam, montelukast, calcipotriol, Calcipotriene, calcitriol, alfacalcidol, faropenem, flavopiridol and lenalidomide. All of our packed items are properly packed and can certainly withstand all kind of handling during transit. 
shandong kunda biotechnology company:
shandong kunda boitechnology company ,one subsidiary of hongda group,is situated in Shandong Province. focusing in chemicals. the items consists of monoehtylamine,diethylamine,Triethylamine,tapioca distilelrs residue,and pet feed.