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Retinyl acetate ( CASNO:127-47-9 )

Identification and Related Records
Retinyl acetate
CAS Registry number:
Retinol,acetate, all-trans- (8CI)
Vitamin A acetate
Vitamin A1 acetate
all-trans-Retinol acetate
all-trans-Retinyl acetate
all-trans-Vitamin Aacetate
trans-Retinol acetate
trans-Retinyl acetate
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Canonical SMILES:
Isomers smiles:
Chemical and Physical Properties
0.968 g/cm3
Melting Point:
Boiling Point:
440.5 oC at 760 mmHg
0mmHg at 25°C
Refractive Index:
Flash Point:
124.8 oC
soluble in water
No data.
Storage temp:
Computed Properties:
Molecular Weight:328.48828 [g/mol]
Molecular Formula:C22H32O2
H-Bond Donor:0
H-Bond Acceptor:2
Rotatable Bond Count:7
Exact Mass:328.24023
MonoIsotopic Mass:328.24023
Topological Polar Surface Area:26.3
Heavy Atom Count:24
Formal Charge:0
Isotope Atom Count:0
Defined Atom Stereocenter Count:0
Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count:0
Defined Bond Stereocenter Count:4
Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count:0
Covalently-Bonded Unit Count:1
Feature 3D Acceptor Count:1
Feature 3D Hydrophobe Count:3
Feature 3D Ring Count:1
Effective Rotor Count:7.8
Conformer Sampling RMSD:0.8
CID Conformer Count:210
Safety and Handling
Hazard Codes:
Risk Statements:
Safety Statements:
Hazard Codes:?HarmfulXn,IrritantXi
Risk Statements: 38-63-36/37/38?
R38:Irritating to skin.?
R63:Possible risk of harm to the unborn child.?
R36/37/38:Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin.
Safety Statements: 36/37-45-37/39-26?
S36/37:Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves.?
S45:In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (show the label whenever possible.)?
S37/39:Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection.?
S26: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
WGK Germany: 2
RTECS of Retinyl acetate (CAS NO.127-47-9): VH6825000
?Retinyl acetate (CAS NO.127-47-9), its Synonyms are Acetic acid, retinyl ester ; Vitamin A acetate ; Retinol, acetate, all-trans- ; Vitamin A alcohol acetate ; Vitamin A ester ; Vitamin A1 acetate ; Retinol, acetate, all-trans- (8CI) ; all-trans-Retinylacetate ; all-trans-Vitamin A acetate . It is crystalline.
Use and Manufacturing
Essential micronutrient
Biomedical Effects and Toxicity
Pharmacological Action:
- Substances that augment, stimulate, activate, potentiate, or modulate the immune response at either the cellular or humoral level. The classical agents (Freund's adjuvant, BCG, Corynebacterium parvum, et al.) contain bacterial antigens. Some are endogenous (e.g., histamine, interferon, transfer factor, tuftsin, interleukin-1). Their mode of action is either non-specific, resulting in increased immune responsiveness to a wide variety of antigens, or antigen-specific, i.e., affecting a restricted type of immune response to a narrow group of antigens. The therapeutic efficacy of many biological response modifiers is related to their antigen-specific immunoadjuvanticity.
- Agents that reduce the frequency or rate of spontaneous or induced tumors independently of the mechanism involved.
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