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Chemical Product CAS:102928-38-1DIMETHYL 3-IODOPHTHALATE


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Shandong province huantai county Jinlong Chemical Co., Ltd is really a manufacturer water treatment chemicals. We've involved in industrial water treatment chemicals manufacturing and sales for 22 years, which is among the best of China's industrial water treatment chemicals providers.We are situated at XinCheng Industrial Garden, a famous historic city. Our organization is the owner of complete production equipment, and it may manufacture all sorts of water treatment chemicals. Our specialists can research new items individually. Our primary product series are Antiscale, corrosion inhibitors, dispersant, and the like. Our items have superior quality and Competitive Cost, that have been released 30 nations with the world, and won good opinions from clients. we is going to do good to ful 
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Sichuan Sangao Biochemical Co., Ltd:
Yuancheng Gongchuang Co.,Ltd:
xuzhou hengchuan chem co. ltd:
Hebei Ruishun Trade Co.,Ltd: we are the manufacturer of?Pharmaceutical Intermediates,we specialize in?Thousands kinds of pharmaceutical intermediates. 1.4-CDC, 2.4-MPD 3.3-CEC 4.DIBV 5.HEX-EN 6.5F-ADB 7.5F-MDMB22 8.ADBF, 9.HDEP-28 10.MA-F 11.3-HO-PCP 12.4-HO-PCP 13.4-FMP 14.2fdck 15.4emc 16.4NMC 17.5-FPVP 18.2-NMC 19.NM-2201 20.4-FPHP 21.EG-2201 22.6-MAPB 23.MN-24 24.4F-PBP 25.THJ-2201 26.3-FPM 27.BK-EBDP 28.bk2 29.bk-MBDP 30.BK-DMBDB| 31.BK-2C-B 32.BKEBDP 33.BK-mda 34.2-FDCK 35.FUB-AKD 36.FUB-AMB 37.FUB-AEB 38.FUB-ABC 39.FUB-MN24 40.FUB-AMB 41.FUB-AKB 42.FUB-PX 43.FUB-PB22 44.FUB-EMB 45.5F-NPB22 46.TH-PVP 47.4F-PV8 48.5F-MN24 49.4-FPHP 50.5-FPVP 51.MT-45 52.5FNPB22 53.5FADB 54.5-FPCN 55.5-FADB 56.FUB-AKB-48 57.5FPB-22 58.5CAPB 59.4-NMC 60.4 
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Alamanda Polymers, Inc.:
Alamanda Polymers is an expert within the manufacturing of well-defined polyamino chemicals for research laboratories operating in encapsulation, gene therapy, Drug delivery, cell adhesion, and surface coating. Alamanda Polymers provides an array of metal-free biopolymers including homopolypeptides and PEGylated polypeptides. Because of Alamanda's polymerization process, the organization may be the only supplier in a position to offer exact measures of polyamino acidity and PEGylated polyamino acidity chains, giving scientists new choices for use and consistently reproducible results.  
Shanghai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd:
Shandong Novatech Biopharmaceutical Co., LTD.:
Novatech is really a comprehensive pharmaceutical group established in 2005. Our technology team includes a dozen of experts, a couple of whom own PhD and labored in US for several years. Our primary product ranges are bio-items, chemical APIs, Intermediates and special chemicals.